Scott Sather is a Portfolio Manager and is also licensed for the sale of insurance products. Scott Sather is registered through separate organizations for each purpose and as such, you may be dealing with more than one entity depending on the services and products discussed. The name of the entity being represented should correspond to the business being conducted. Awaken Wealth Management (operating as Awaken Wealth) and Awaken Investments of Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI) are separate legal entities.

Awaken Investments is an investments trade name of ACPI. ACPI is regulated by the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization ( and Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund ( Investment products are provided by ACPI and include, but are not limited to, mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Scott Sather is registered to provide investment advice and solutions to clients residing in the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Any advice which may be given in respect of non-securities services is given by Scott Sather solely and no such advice is given in their capacity as a registrant of ACPI. Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) coverage is available to IIROC Dealer Members and does not offer protection, within limits, on non-securities products not held by a Member.

Non-securities related business includes, without limitation, fee-based financial planning services; estate and tax planning; tax return preparation services; advising in or selling any type of insurance product; any type of mortgage service. Accordingly, ACPI is not providing and does not supervise any of the above noted activities and you should not rely on ACPI for any review of any non-securities services provided by Scott Sather and Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (operating as Awaken Wealth).

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Privacy Notice

As an organization that collects, uses and discloses personal information, Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (Awaken Wealth) is subject to the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (or by similar laws in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec), effective January 1st, 2004. In complying with these laws, it is important that Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (Awaken Wealth) provide you with information so that you may fully understand the purposes for which your personal information is collected.

Over the course of your relationship with Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (Awaken Wealth) personal information will be collected in order to administer your accounts. This information typically includes your financial information and investment objectives, in addition to your current investments, banking information and your social insurance number. At times, Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (Awaken Wealth) may be required to provide this information to outside organizations such as insurance companies, mutual fund companies in which you invest, self-regulatory organizations, securities regulators, law enforcement agencies and to companies that perform services on our behalf. These organizations, like Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (Awaken Wealth) are bound and must comply with the same federal/provincial privacy act(s). Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (Awaken Wealth) does not disclose your information to any other organization(s) to use for their own purposes and in particular will never sell or trade your personal information.

The purposes for which we collect, use and disclose your personal information are central to our being able to provide you with our services. Should you have objections to the collection and disclosure of your personal information, as listed in the foregoing, Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (Awaken Wealth) will no longer be in a position to provide you with these services. Therefore, by maintaining your account with Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (Awaken Wealth) we will consider that you have consented to our collecting, using and disclosing your personal information.

If you wish to review or make changes to your personal information you may do so by contacting Awaken Wealth Management Ltd. (Awaken Wealth) directly.